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Saving The Horse To Save Others

Thank you for considering a donation to Sanctuary Stables. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of donors like you to provide care for our rescued horses and offer equine therapy to those in need.

Your contribution will make a meaningful difference in the lives of both our horses and the individuals they serve.

We Need Your Help

Donations to Sanctuary Stables are essential to supporting the organization’s mission of rescuing horses and providing Equine-Assisted Therapy and horsemanship workshops for veterans. The organization has five areas of funding needs, including the General Fund for operational costs, the Barn Fund for ranch maintenance, the Feed Fund for horse care and medical needs, the Equipment Fund for maintenance of equipment and vehicles, and the Veterans Fund for hosting no-cost workshops for veterans. By donating to these funds, supporters can help ensure that Sanctuary Stables has the resources necessary to provide quality care for rescued horses, as well as offer essential services for veterans seeking healing and support.

General Fund

The General Fund provides crucial support for Sanctuary Stables’ day-to-day operations, including covering expenses such as utilities and insurance, as well as supporting advertising and marketing efforts. By donating to the General Fund, supporters can help ensure the organization’s continued ability to provide essential services for rescued horses, as well as offer EAT programs and horsemanship workshops for veterans at no cost.

Barn Fund

The Barn Fund is essential for maintaining the Sanctuary Stables ranch, including making repairs and upgrades to the barn and other facilities. Donations to the Barn Fund help ensure that the horses have a safe and comfortable environment in which to live and thrive. In addition to maintaining the barn, other needs of a horse ranch may include fencing and pasture maintenance, manure removal, and veterinary care. By supporting the Barn Fund, donors can help ensure that Sanctuary Stables is able to provide a healthy and nurturing home for the horses in their care.

Feed Fund

The Feed Fund is critical to ensuring that the horses at Sanctuary Stables receive proper nutrition and care. Donations to the Feed Fund go directly towards purchasing feed and supplies, as well as covering medical needs such as vaccinations and routine check-ups. By contributing to the Feed Fund, supporters can help ensure that the horses in Sanctuary Stables’ care have access to the resources they need to stay healthy and happy.

Equipment Fund

The Equipment Fund is crucial for maintaining and operating the various types of equipment required to keep Sanctuary Stables running smoothly. Donations to the Equipment Fund help cover the cost of repairs and upgrades to ranch equipment, including tractors, mowers, and other machinery. Additionally, the Equipment Fund also covers the maintenance and upkeep of ranch vehicles and trailers, which are essential for transporting horses and supplies. By contributing to the Equipment Fund, supporters can help ensure that Sanctuary Stables has the tools and resources necessary to provide the highest quality of care for the horses in their care.

Veterans Fund

The Veterans Fund is dedicated to providing horsemanship workshops to veterans at no cost. Donations to the Veterans Fund help cover the expenses associated with hosting these workshops, including supplies, equipment, and facility usage. At Sanctuary Stables, the organization is committed to providing these workshops to veterans free of charge, recognizing the invaluable service and sacrifices made by those who have served our country. By supporting the Veterans Fund, donors can help ensure that veterans have access to the healing and therapeutic benefits of Equine-Assisted Therapy, without the burden of financial cost.


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    Sanctuary Stables, a nonprofit organization that rescues horses and offers Equine-Assisted Therapy and horsemanship workshops for veterans at no cost, needs your support. Your donation can help cover operational costs, maintain ranch facilities, provide proper nutrition and medical care for the horses, and ensure that the organization’s machinery and vehicles are in good condition. Additionally, your contribution can help support free workshops for veterans seeking healing and support. No matter the amount, your donation can make a significant impact on the work of Sanctuary Stables. Please consider making a donation today to help us in our mission to rescue horses and provide essential services to those in need.